Aaron Brokeshoulder

My Background

As a child, I was exposed to my father's art.  This inspired me to learn the techniques of silversmithing from him.  I won an award for a concho belt I created and I was hooked. 
I began learning more and travelled to many shows with him around the country.  My first Division win was with a piece at Tulsa Indian Market a "Fish Necklace."  (pictured below)
This is when I started to spread my wings and create my own whimsical and one of a kind Bracelets, Pendants, Bolos, Buckles, Creative Necklaces and Specialty Items over the years.
My pieces always start with a story I can share with customers and collectors.  As with most artists as I create I try to use new techniques and perfect the uses of them over time.  My stories combine the heritage from my father and my mother.  My father being of Kewa decent and my mother of Choctaw/Absentee Shawnee decent.  Using stories I have been passed through the years and those I've imagined gives me plenty of ideas to work with.  My name for my website exists due to all my followers over the years and I greatly appreciate them for all the support and belief in me as is the phrase, Do you have A Brokeshoulder?  And if you don't please feel free to search for your unique piece and follow me throughout the following gallery pages and join my email list for new items as I add them I will email to let you know.  Thank you for entering my webpage and I hope to hear from you soon feel free to contact me with any questions.

Fish Necklace 1997


                           Breaking Hourses 2000

Bracelet 2008

                               Ring Bracelet 2009

                                   Mother Earth 2010